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If you would like to commission me for something specific, please get in touch via the "Contact" tab.

Commission photography as an example, includes:

  • Agreed photography time/ number of photographs

  • Travel expenses (if applicable)

  • A personalised presentation box containing the final digital images on a pen drive and/ or photographs done on Print, Canvas or as an Album

Commissions are bespoke to you, depending on your budget and full detailed costs will be discussed.

For reviews from my recent commissions, please click on the "Publications/ Reviews" tab above.




What’s ‘documentary style’ photography?

It’s a way of taking photos as naturally as possible, capturing the moments between people and telling the story of the day through the pictures. I prefer this informal approach as it captures the real emotions rather than posed photographs. For weddings, I focus most of my effort around the bride and groom, but I do also spend much of my time trying to capture moments with friends and family. However, there are no guarantees who will make it to the final photographs.


Are you happy to take more formal photographs?

Some documentary style photographers refuse to take any formal group shots; however, I understand that they are a nice keepsake. Therefore, I am happy to take some formal group shots, but I do try to discourage too many – about 5-8 should do it. I’m happy to discuss this further with you.


What should we consider before meeting you to discuss our photographs?

As well as being a chance for us to meet, this is also a great opportunity for you to tell me what you want and if you have particular ideas for your photos. For example, you may have a theme, or you might like a specific shot in a location which has great meaning to you. We can also discuss the formal group shots and establish how important they are to you, as well as to work out how much time you will need to put aside for this on the day. We can do this meeting either in person (if circumstances permit) or on Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Please note, if any additional in-person meet & greets are requested, these will be invoiced accordingly to include travel expenses and time.


We are rather camera shy and don’t think we are very photogenic. How can we overcome this?

I would suggest that you book me for an hour’s pre-shoot (as an additional service). This is a great chance for you to become a bit more relaxed in front of the camera and I can figure out what works best for you, whilst getting some lovely photographs in the process. For weddings, you can also use the photographs from this shoot to create personalised invitations and/or thank you cards, as well as a ‘sign-in’ book or ‘signing board’, which is a nice way for guests to leave messages to the happy couple.


How many photographs can we expect?

This depends on a number of factors, including how many hours I am booked for, or if there is a second photographer. We will discuss this in more detail in our initial meeting.


 How will we receive our final high resolution JPEG photographs?

Depending on your budget and how you would like the photographs to be presented to you, this could be any of the following: a digital copy only on a basic pendrive; a pendrive in a customised presentation box; a photograph album; some photographs done on print or canvas; or all of the above!


How long do we have to wait to see our final photographs?

Following the commission, it is very important to me that I get your photos to you as soon as I possibly can and also to the highest standard. I am solely responsible for seeing the creative process through from beginning to end, rather than passing it onto somebody else who may not have the same vision of how an image should look. This does mean that the process takes a bit longer. I have to go through each image and pick out the winning selection. I then spend some time on the post-production of each image. With this in mind, please appreciate that at times, particularly during the Summer season, I am extremely busy working my way through a backlog of photographs. In the most extreme cases you might have to wait up to a month, but I’m happy to say that it is usually much quicker.


Can we get a copy of all of the unedited (RAW) photographs for our personal records?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The RAW files are simply the basic form (or negative) from which, after time spent in post-production, become the finished photographs. Although I do like to spend extra time on certain images to give them a wow factor, the editing might simply be: adjusting the crop of the image; adjusting the colour & light; taking out imperfections and generally tidy the shot up. These are all necessary to get the best final image results.



 If you have any questions at all with regards to the FAQs please contact me and I will be more than happy to talk you through it.

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